About two weeks ago, I saw an image on Facebook that said something similar to “if you don’t stop what you are doing, your body is going to stop you and you’ll get sick.” I knew I was burning the candle at both ends and I could feel my energy draining.  The next day, I woke up with a cold.  I cancelled my day and decided to stay in bed and sleep.  I gave myself until noon, and if I wasn’t feeling better, I would go to the doctor.  I slept until noon and I felt a lot better.  I fixed something to eat and drink and I went back to sleep.  My body forced me to take the day off.

I can’t help but ponder whether this Coronavirus is God, Mother Nature, Earth, the Universe, or whatever guiding force you believe in is their way of telling us that we are sick and we need to heal.  This post is not meant to be political or comment on climate change.  The purpose of this post is to just share some thoughts on the new normal we are all experiencing.

We humans are social creatures and we need social contact.  We also like routines.  We don’t want to know that life as we know it has changed and it may never go back to the way it was.  In addition to being social creatures, we are also very resilient and able to roll with the punches.  During dark times…we rise to the occasion.

I am a native Floridian, and I think we Floridians are very equipped to handle situations like this due to our learning from our annual hurricane season.  Like most of us, I have had my life turned upside down because of circumstances not in my control.  I purchased my home and two months later, Hurricane Wilma devasted the area.  I went without power for over nine days.  I had roof damage and it actually rained in my home. My car was destroyed.  Eventually, power was restored, my roof was fixed, and my furniture and car were replaced.

During hurricane season, the media overwhelms us with information. We get updates and forecasts constantly and we stock up on supplies.  We overprepare.  I’ve waited hours on gas lines to fill up my car.  I’ve been the last one to receive a case of water at CVS a minute and a half after they bring the pallet out.  I’d rather be tripping over bottles of water in my home than not have enough supplies. 

I believe this is what the rest of the country is learning now.  The truth is we have inconveniences, but we learn to overcome.  We learn to rebuild.  We are afraid of what we don’t know and the truth is, we just don’t know.  We put our trust into our leaders and our government but they can only do so much. 

We must take personal responsibility.  We must together as a community and put our best selves forward.  This is not a time to be selfish. This is not an “every man for himself” situation.  The reality is we are all in this together and only together can we overcome this disease.

Our planet has given us a pause. Take the pause, enjoy the pause.  Reconnect with your family. Reach out to an old friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Pray to your higher power. We will get through this and we will be better for it. I have every intention of visiting my favorite city, Paris, in the not too distant future. 

One more suggestion, after every hurricane, I do an assessment of what I could have done better.  I make a list of items I wish I had in my supply kit.  I then use what I have learned to better prepare for the next hurricane.  I strongly recommend you doing that for the Coronavirus.  If this does happen again, you can be better prepared.  I find with more preparation the amount of fear and uncertainty diminishes.

If you see a health care professional, first responder, police, or EMT, say thank you.  While these people often seem to be superhuman, they are just people doing their jobs.  They are being moved by what they see as well. During this time, I will be working from home and open for business in my home office should anyone need coaching during this uncertain time. I am here for you (from a safe distance).

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