Thanks to Danielle O’Brien for this guest blog article.

Over the years I have helped many women-owned small business CEOs work smarter, not harder, to grow themselves and their business to where they want to be. For many of these women, they are not striving to be the biggest company or service offering out there, but absolutely are looking to become the best version of themselves. Often this is their biggest worry – am I enough? These women have sacrificed much to get to where they are today whether that sacrifice is social, financial, romantically, etc. But nothing has prepared them for this new curveball life has thrown their way.

As small business owners, they wear many hats. They often run their own operations, human resources, accounting, marketing, training, sales and more. Some of these services can be contracted out once finances allow but for the most part many are doing it all and spreading themselves rather thin in “normal times”. With the current state of our fight against COVID, new hats are being added to an already full hat rack; the rack is ready to collapse.

Coaches have seen the changes in their clients rather drastically. Wearing all those hats while adding in the new responsibilities of home schooling, virtual connections, paying rents on building they cannot occupy, not making money when deemed non-essential or being overworked in industries deemed essential, navigating PPP loans, unemployment regulations, and re-openings, etc. is truly cause for concern. Clients are not alone when experiencing lack of sleep, new anxieties, overwhelming uncertainties, and more.

As a coach this is a tough space to sit with them in. In fact, it is excruciating. Our own businesses have suffered so we are able to empathize, but more importantly we are trained to listen. While listening over the last two months I have learned that many are living in a place of constant worry and lack of self-care. So, I have learned to ask a few especially important questions of my clients. If you are reading this post and experiencing any of the above worries, I encourage you to do this self-coaching exercise whenever you find yourself on the worry train:

I hope that you find these self-coaching questions helpful in getting you through those times where anxious thoughts and worry are taking over. You are doing it all – you are wearing many hats – you only have so much to give. Find out if your new worry is true or helpful and figure out what the one step might be that could right the ship. Say it out loud. Own it. And, for goodness sakes, do not throw away the cap of self-care – it is by far the most important.

Danielle O’Brien is a certified professional coach and the founder of CORALIFE Coaching – Career Oriented and Life Enhancement Coaching. Based out of Boston, MA, Danielle specializes in helping small to medium sized, women-owned businesses, get out of their own way and be their best selves. You can find her online: