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Magical New Opportunities.

As we move into the middle part of January, Meredith and I are thankful for oh so many things, ESPECIALLY new opportunities.

There’s magic in the “newness” of things in life. How excited do you get when you meet someone new? What about a new job opening up and YOU are offered a position? It’s an amazing feeling!

Mark Twain has a great quote, “I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one.”

Isn’t THAT the truth!

Be Open to Opportunity.

Allow yourself to be open to opportunity. Many times, you may find yourself throwing out an easy “No.” It may sound like hard work. The vacation sounds too expensive. You don’t want to add any new friends in your circle. Whatever it may be that keeps you from opening up to new opportunity, stop and think – what could go RIGHT? What might a new person bring to your life? What might a new adventure do for your soul? What might tasting a new food do for your palate?!

That last one refers to me about 15 years ago. I swore I would never eat clams and oysters. NEVER. Well, never say never. I took one taste of both and now I love them. I was so scared to try something new that I said no. Luckily, I was in trusting company to help me understand that there’s nothing to be afraid of and so I went for it! BAM! New opportunity seized.

Something as simple as eating a new food was a life-changing opportunity that I was grateful for.

Be Open.

Open yourself up to new opportunities every single day. You really never know what good may come out of just being open to accepting new people, places, experiences, things, foods!

Sign saying Opportunity this way

In this life, while there are many things happening in the world today, there’s so much opportunity that’s available that you would have to physically force yourself to shutdown from the world to not see that opportunities are abundant.

What do you think, Meredith?

Thank you, Erika, I totally agree with you regarding opportunity.  Opportunities are everywhere and we are so lucky to have them, and we do need to be open to them. 

So often we get frustrated when a door closes, that we keep going back and trying to open that door.  I firmly believe that when one door closes another door opens and that is the path you need to follow.  I also believe that if no doors open, you can create your own door and open it.  This may be going out of your comfort zone a little but going out of your comfort zone helps you grow as a person.

Comfort zone vs. opportunity

Opportunity Presenting.

So, how do you know when the magical new opportunity is presenting itself?  How do you know not to throw out an easy “No?”  The simple answer is you listen to your intuition, and you follow your gut feelings.

Going back to Mark Twain’s quote above, how do you not miss opportunities?  Here are a few tips:

  1. Be on the lookout for new opportunities and participate when you see them.
  2. Don’t overthink when a new opportunity presents itself, just engage.
  3. Don’t let fear or negative self-talk stop you from trying something new.
  4. Try something new, and if it doesn’t work out, a new opportunity will present itself, or you create a new opportunity.
  5. Be excited about this new thing entering your life.

Life is meant to be lived and embraced.  Don’t hold yourself back because of fear or concern.  If you lived each day as if it were your last day, how would you live your life?  Would you embrace the opportunities?  I bet you would, so why not do it now.  You can be learning so much about yourself, other people, and the world.