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Freaking out about the holidays?? If you’re not, kudos to you! If you are, you join me and the other 40% of the population in the country who does!

Folks, we have less than 40 days until Thanksgiving, less than 40 days until Hanukkah and less than 70 days until Christmas!!!

Raise your hand if your blood pressure just went up a little!!

Okay, settle down. Meredith and I are here to reassure you with a few simple steps to make this holiday season a seamless one. It all starts by taking that overwhelming load one-step-at-a-time.

Literally, breathe. Inhale – hold it. Exhale. Feel the weight subside. Now you can begin to rationally break everything down.

Who will be hosting? Where will you go? Make lists.

Here comes another list! Start this week with who you will be buying or making gifts for. Then either start shopping or creating THIS WEEK!

Oooooooo yum! The food part – my favorite! What holidays will you be hosting? Make a list of ingredients you’ll need to cook for umpteen people. If you’re not hosting, what will you need to bring? Remember the host’s gift!

Meredith is here now to tell you more about what steps you can take to make the incoming holiday season a breeze!

Thank you, Erika.  Several weeks ago, we talked about finishing 2021 strong! However, the key to finishing the year strong and enjoying the holiday season is to not get overwhelmed. 

Tips to Avoid Overwhelm During the Holidays

Erika provided several helpful tips above to ensure that we all have a seamless holiday season! Some tips to avoid overwhelm include:

  1. Get organized! Do it in the way that works for you.  For me, I make lists on my phone and on my computer.  I also put everything on my calendar, even time to relax.
  2. Recognize that even with the best made plans, you may miss something, or life may throw you a curveball and you’ll have to course correct.
  3. Realize that things don’t need to be perfect. The important days are already on the calendar, and they will come and go.  So enjoy them!
  4. Remember that the holiday time is for fun and merriment.  Relax, enjoy, and take it all in.

There is no reason to get overwhelmed and not enjoy the holiday season.  By starting early and breaking down all of things you need to do into “bite sized pieces” you will have a successful holiday season!

One last word of advice, if you are traveling during the holidays, arrive at the airport early and pack your patience.  If you are driving, leave extra time for rest stop breaks.  This time of year is not meant to be a marathon, it is meant to be a time to relax, celebrate life, and enjoy your loved ones. 

Take lots of pictures too.

If you need more than the tips provided to get ready for the holidays, please reach out to either Erika or Meredith.

**Statistic by: Discovery Mood and Anxiety Program

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