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Here we are in mid-May which means we are partly through Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.  Spring is always an exciting time of year.  There is a rebirth.  The snow melts, we go outside.  We start travelling again.  It is only fitting that Spring is the time of year when there are traditionally graduations and fresh starts.

Graduations and Fresh Starts

The other day, I celebrated the 21st anniversary of my graduation from University of Florida, and 10-year anniversary of my graduation from Florida Atlantic University with my master’s degree.  These were huge transformational moments in my life.  The graduation from UF, more so.  This was my debut into adulthood.

I was working with a client last week who is coming to the end of her schooling, and she had a lot of concerns about entering adulthood.  We discussed her concerns and came up with ways to get her questions answered.

This got me to reflect on my past, especially since the anniversary of my graduation just happened.  I remember being so proud of my accomplishment of graduating, but what was next?  The entire world was open to me. 

I don’t remember having the questions that my client had.  Where was I going to live?  Where was I going to work?  How do I make a budget?  I was impressed with my client for having these thoughts and questions and wanting to formulate a plan upon graduation.

Students tossing graduation caps into the air

New Beginnings

Graduations are a wonderful time to celebrate accomplishments and determine where you want to go next.  Perhaps you already have a job lined up, you are going to take a long trip before embarking on your career, or you were working full time while going to school, and you plan to stay at your job for a little while longer.

Whatever your circumstance is, graduation and Springtime provide an opportunity to evaluate (or re-evaluate) where you are in life, and if you are happy.  If not, make the change.  At the beginning of this year (2022), Erika and I wrote a blog about making changes and making a fresh start at any time of the year.  Graduations and Springtime are a wonderful place to start.

I always loved that the graduation ceremonies are called “Commencement.”  Commencement means the beginning.  While so many students believe graduation is the end of something, it really is the beginning of a new chapter.

Where to Start?

This is what I was discussing with my client.  The unknown can be uncertain and uncomfortable.  We don’t want to make mistakes.  We don’t want to have to start over.  What I was explaining to her is that I view life like an arrow going diagonally up.  We may backtrack and the arrow may go down, but so long as the trajectory of the arrow is going up, you are in good shape.

Here are some tips for what to do after graduation, or deciding to make a change in life:

  1. Understand that you don’t need to have all the answers.
  2. Start somewhere, you can always make a change.
  3. If you have the desire to move somewhere new, go ahead and do it.
  4. Don’t let your fear of change stop you from making a change.
  5. Don’t focus on the future.  Focus on the now.
  6. Make a budget.  Don’t live beyond your means.
  7. If the company you start working for offers a retirement plan, take it.  Start saving right away.  Figure out how to put it into your budget.

I’m going to turn the blog post over to Erika, so she can share her thoughts on graduation season and Springtime.

Springtime flowers

Ahhh, graduation and Springtime. The two go hand-in-hand. Sometimes. I actually graduated from college 19 years ago in the Wintertime.

A Fresh Start

I was telling Meredith the other day that this time of year really is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. I had been at Church with friends of mine on Sunday and they were telling me that their son will be graduating from high school next week. My first thought was, wow I’m getting older. My second thought was, what an amazing time for him! A new school, a new career to look forward to, new people to meet, new friends to make. It’s such an overwhelmingly good time for young people! This past Sunday was also Holy Communion for elementary schoolers. This Holy Sacrament of initiation rings in a new season for young people in the Christian religion.

As Meredith mentioned above, we’ve already written a blog about new beginnings, which can be found in any season of life, but there’s something different at the end of Spring. It really is when new life is born, when fresh starts take place and when we come into a new season of existence.

To Really Live Is Not Just to Exist

Let’s face it, there are moments in life when life really does just get… stale. It seems mundane, like Groundhog Day just keeps making an appearance. You wonder when that new fun something will surprise you.

And then BAM! Somebody graduates. Or you find baby animals in your yard. And you remember that at any given moment there’s a fresh start!

If you’re in a season of life that doesn’t really feel enjoyable right now, remember to look around. Someone, or something, somewhere is starting fresh. They’re going through a rebirth. You’re given a new opportunity. Just look outside… the squirrels and the birds are looking for a fresh source of food!

Even bigger than that, as a Realtor, I have the pleasure of watching folks sell their home and buy a new one. That’s a wonderful season!

As a Personal Trainer, I also have the pleasure of watching people take hold of their life and start a workout regimen to stay healthy. You see, it’s not just the really big things in life that make the biggest impact, it’s some small steps toward the bigger picture that end up having the biggest impact.

So, start small, or go big. Whatever stage in life you decide is a good place to start, look to the rebirth all around you for inspiration and motivation. Especially during this Spring season. Because Spring has a bigger impact on fresh starts than January 1st.

Do You Need Motivation Toward a Fresh Start?

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