This week we welcome Fall on the calendar and I love Fall!

What does Fall mean to you?  Continue reading and find out what Fall means to me.

For me, Fall symbolizes so many different things, but the most vivid symbol of the season is change.  Just take a look at the leaves.  Do you think trees want their leaves to change from their beautiful shades of green to reds, oranges, and browns, and then fall to the ground?  Not necessarily, but that is what nature does. 

Nature allows for trees to prepare for the winter and stay healthy.  Change does this for humans as well.  Positive change makes humans healthier and change isn’t something to resist.

As you know, I live in South Florida, so we don’t get much in the way of a change in seasons, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying Fall.  Every year I say that I know exactly when Summer begins in South Florida.  It isn’t necessarily the date on the calendar, it is the entrance of humidity and the first big afternoon rain storm complete with lightning and thunder.  This year that rainstorm took place on May 18.  I remember it vividly because I said to myself, “Summer is here”.

Fast forward to September.  The start of Fall allows me to reflect on what this summer has brought me.  This has been one of the most challenging and transformational summers in recent memory.  Obviously, we have the ever-present themes of the Coronavirus, the social challenges, including racial inequity, a very active hurricane season, and an election year in the United States.  I usually take a grand vacation every summer, but this year, I couldn’t do that.  The beginning of September is difficult with the anniversary of my mom’s death, the birthday of a dear friend that recently passed, and the anniversary of September 11 all in the same week.  Those dates are behind me now, and I got through Summer successfully.

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

As I said, in South Florida, we don’t get much in the way of a change in seasons, but I do love Fall when the humidity starts to fade and the temperature drops at night.  I love that football is back, as I am a huge college football fan.  Go Gators!!  We get into the holiday season, first with Halloween and then Thanksgiving.  This year we have an election in the United States and I love voting.  This is not meant to be political in anyway, but I love that I get to have my voice heard.  I vote in every election and collect the “I Voted” sticker. I then put it on my refrigerator after I take a picture of myself with the sticker.  It’s a little nerdy, but it makes me happy.

Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

I am so thankful that we have Fall on our calendar.  This season allows us to reflect on our year.  Fall also allows a few months left in the year to make the changes we wanted to make at the beginning of the year.  Fall provides hope and optimism that we can change.  Fall also allows us to be thankful for what we have.  At every Thanksgiving dinner, we sit around the table and say what we are thankful for.  I just love that.

Life can be difficult and it may seem like things will never get better, but we have the beauty of Fall to remind us that it does.  Fall also symbolizes that we can make changes and change is positive.

Just like the leaves, you too can change.